Monday, July 24, 2017

Mountain-Part One-The Dark Being

     Mountain-The Dark Being

David stood in front of the cave wondering what he should do, walk in and find out what’s in it or turn around to face all his friend’s and admit he wanted to wuss out. He took a step forward and heard whispers of all the people behind him. He started to walk forward and thought about the reason for doing this. He thought about a huge mountain growing overnight and the dark almost familiar bellowing coming from this very cave “Hail to me, mortals and tremble for the million-year darkness has begun” and from that moment two months of no electricity. A week ago, they started sending people into the cave so that they could figure out what was in the cave it has now been six days and none of them have come back. As David walked, tentatively, towards the entrance of the cave the whispers from behind him started to become a yell. He smiled, turned around, and yelled “I’m gonna bring back the light!” and everyone started cheering as he ran towards the cave and sighed. He hoped he would be able to come back and not end up lost, trying to find a way to bring back the electricity. He closed his eyes and walked into the cave and immediately felt chills up his spine. He gulped and closed his eyes. This was not going to be fun.

                                                     A Week Later

David had been in the cave for too long, and he couldn’t even find his way back. It was a maze and he tried and tried to stay awake because whenever he did the maze changed and he was lost again but now he was closing in on the middle, the end, the evil…thing that was doing this. He knew because he kept hearing these noises, these voices as if someone or something was calling to him and now they were so loud, so close that he could feel them. As he walked closer to the center he kept seeing scratches on the walls and floors that looked like arrows which didn’t help him feel any better about whether he might die then he found it the center. He almost passed out from happiness and fatigue until he saw a creature with a human body, a spider like set of legs, and a head that he could only describe as a mixture of both. It turned towards him and said in an evil voice that chilled him to the bone “Mortal how dare you enter my sanctum without my permission! I AM A GOD OF DESTRUCTION AND YOU COME IN AS IF YOU OWN THIS PRECIOUS HOME!?” David could only reply with one word “N-No?” The beast’s eyes widen “HA YOU CAN’T EVEN SPEAK TO ME WITHOUT STUTTERING” he laughed and David had started to feel sick just standing in his presence but now he was close to vomiting. He bent over and barfed for a straight minute before the monster said, “I SHALL LET YOU GO TO TRY AND DEFEAT ME I’ve always loved the humans resilience BUT I ONLY GIVE YOU FIVE DAYS UNTIL I ATTACK THE HUMANS AND DESTROY THIS EARTH SO GO NOW AND TELL YOUR PEOPLE THAT I, THE DARK BEING OF DESTRUCTION, AM COMING TO DESTROY YOU ALL!” then he threw a map at David and he passed out.

When David woke up he was back in town surrounded by concerned people. When someone said, “He’s awake!” David’s head shot off the pillow “I have to follow this map and find a way to destroy the Dark Being that wants to destroy us.
                                                  TO BE CONTINUED

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Top Ten Movies Of 2016

  Sorry for not posting for a while been busy.

10 Zootopia 

9 Angry Birds

8Independence Day Resurgence

7 Kung Fu Panda 3

6 Ghostbusters

5 Suicide Squad

4 Assassins Creed

3 Captain America Civil War

2 Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice


ROUGE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Sword Prt1 - Onyxs Mission

A week after they met Onyx and Garnet were already really good friends. They would train together and they had practice fights often. Pearl liked him too. When Connie came to train.Onyx would accompany her and afterwards he had one on one training. Amethyst and Onyx had constant eating contests and Amethyst let him make a small bed in her room with some old junk. It seemed Onyx liked Steven the best. They would sit and talk for hours about Earth and The Sword with Peridot. Once in a while Lapis would join but not much. One day they were talking and Connie came up to talk. When Steven saw her he said 'OH Connie lets fuse!" Onyx perked up to see what there doing. Steven and Connie danced and Onyx laughed.When he looked again Steven and Connie were gone and a girl was there wearing similar clothes to Steven and Connie were wearing. The girl starting to glow and split into Steven and Connie. Onyx laughed "That's so weird! Is it because your half human or do you not know?" Onyx said. "Its because i'm half human.'

Onyx was amazed and said "Hey we should fuse Steven!" Then Onyx and Steven bowed to each other and started to fuse. Soon they were fused and they had become Obsidian! Connie and Peridot looked in amazement. They looked at their weapon (a giant mace) and started swinging it. After a while they heard something weird. A split second later a pod was flying towards the ground near Obsidian and went it hit the ground three Onyxes came out but then seven more pods came flying at them.Soon there was 24 Onyxes attacking them. Garnet,Amethyst.and Pearl came and helped them fight. Obsidian yelled "THEIR HERE FOR ME well me as in onyx but-"

He was interrupted by an Onyx throwing his axe at Obsidian's head. Obsidian turned around and hit 12 of the Onyxes with his mace but then some Onyxes got into their pods and flew off. Obsidian hit one of them with his mace. Obsidian unfused and Onyx said "We need to take one of these pods to the Sword Base." "I WANT TO COME!!" Steven said. "Fine but I think Pearl should come too." Onyx replied Pearl blushed and soon they were off. Onyx did some stuff pressing buttons. They landed in the hanger and Steven said "This is amazing!" All the gems in the hanger looked at them and charged at them to attack.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fan Fictions By Joey

I will probably be making a lot more fan fics like this about Steven Uuniverse and my original character Onyx so please read them. I worked really hard on this one and the others will be longer so please enjoy.

Onyx's Story-My First FanFic

Onyx's Story

     Steven and the crystal gems (garnet,pearl,amethyst,peridot,lapis) were following a flask robonoid into the kindergarden. He felt like something was going to attack. When he told pearl she said "Steven we're fine. The last threat here was peridot." Steven knew that Pearl didn't like it in the kindergarden but he trusted her. Soon they heard something behind them. Garnet went to see what it was,but found nothing so they continued.

     Later,the robonoid stopped for no reason and behind them they heard something running towards them. Steven put up his s shield but it was just Lion. Suddenly the robonoid sped off. Steven got on Lion and chased it. Behind him the gems were yelling things like "Steven slow down!" and "Stop Steven!" He looked back and yelled "Sorry Lion won't slow down!" But then Lion stopped,the robonoid had done the same.
     There was a man standing in front of Steven. He had long,black hair that went down to his neck and a black gem in his chest. He started straight at Steven. Steven started  to yell for the gems but the gem said "Please don't do that." Then Steven asked "Whats your name?" "Onyx." He replied very quickly. Then he pulled out a battle axe out of his gem and yelled "COME OUT FUSION AND SERVANT PEARL!"
     Then Garnet and Pearl came out of a couple of gem holes. "This gem needs to come to the temple NOW!" Garnet said. Then Onyx started to act scared and said "NO. Please dont shatter me." Steven was confused and said "We just want to tal-." He was interupted by a red pearl who said to Onyx "If you fuse with me they can't hurt you." So after a brown flash,there standing in front of them was a huge,monsterous fusion there who could destroy them right then and there but instead they ran away. Steven threw his shield at them. It stopped and screeched. They ran at them but stopped and the gems heard Onyx say "I DONT WANT TO BE BROWN QUARTZ!" And they started to unfuse. When they were unfused the pearl was in its gem form.
     Soon everyone was safe in the temple. Onyx told them about how he was from a colony on a huge spaceship called in The Sword. There Red Diamond trained gems to be weapons to destroy rebels but he never liked it. A week ago he left and the nearest planet was Earth so he came here and Red Diamond sent a pearl to follow him.
     Onyx decided he would stay here until Red Diamond came after him and then he would have to leave Earth. Steven told him "Your always welcome as a crystal gem." Onyx didn't answer,he only smiled. The gems learned one thing from this encounter. They would have to prepare for a war against Red Diamond because it was coming and it was coming soon.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Top 5 Movies

Hello welcome back.

This is a list of my 5 favorite movies.

5 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire cool voldemort needs a nose

Guardians of the Galaxy  Do I need to say more?

3 Captain America When Captain America throws his mighty shield

2 X-Men Days Of Future Past Everything started again en sabah nur watch until end of credits then comment

1 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows cool voldy still needs a nose and harry cant die

Friday, November 14, 2014

Harry Potter


So I started reading Harry Potter and im going to give you my books in order of awesome.

1.  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

2.  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

3.  Then the rest =)

Yup thats the list

I'm on Order of Phoenix (no.5)