Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Sword Prt1 - Onyxs Mission

A week after they met Onyx and Garnet were already really good friends. They would train together and they had practice fights often. Pearl liked him too. When Connie came to train.Onyx would accompany her and afterwards he had one on one training. Amethyst and Onyx had constant eating contests and Amethyst let him make a small bed in her room with some old junk. It seemed Onyx liked Steven the best. They would sit and talk for hours about Earth and The Sword with Peridot. Once in a while Lapis would join but not much. One day they were talking and Connie came up to talk. When Steven saw her he said 'OH Connie lets fuse!" Onyx perked up to see what there doing. Steven and Connie danced and Onyx laughed.When he looked again Steven and Connie were gone and a girl was there wearing similar clothes to Steven and Connie were wearing. The girl starting to glow and split into Steven and Connie. Onyx laughed "That's so weird! Is it because your half human or do you not know?" Onyx said. "Its because i'm half human.'

Onyx was amazed and said "Hey we should fuse Steven!" Then Onyx and Steven bowed to each other and started to fuse. Soon they were fused and they had become Obsidian! Connie and Peridot looked in amazement. They looked at their weapon (a giant mace) and started swinging it. After a while they heard something weird. A split second later a pod was flying towards the ground near Obsidian and went it hit the ground three Onyxes came out but then seven more pods came flying at them.Soon there was 24 Onyxes attacking them. Garnet,Amethyst.and Pearl came and helped them fight. Obsidian yelled "THEIR HERE FOR ME well me as in onyx but-"

He was interrupted by an Onyx throwing his axe at Obsidian's head. Obsidian turned around and hit 12 of the Onyxes with his mace but then some Onyxes got into their pods and flew off. Obsidian hit one of them with his mace. Obsidian unfused and Onyx said "We need to take one of these pods to the Sword Base." "I WANT TO COME!!" Steven said. "Fine but I think Pearl should come too." Onyx replied Pearl blushed and soon they were off. Onyx did some stuff pressing buttons. They landed in the hanger and Steven said "This is amazing!" All the gems in the hanger looked at them and charged at them to attack.

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