Saturday, June 11, 2016

Onyx's Story-My First FanFic

Onyx's Story

     Steven and the crystal gems (garnet,pearl,amethyst,peridot,lapis) were following a flask robonoid into the kindergarden. He felt like something was going to attack. When he told pearl she said "Steven we're fine. The last threat here was peridot." Steven knew that Pearl didn't like it in the kindergarden but he trusted her. Soon they heard something behind them. Garnet went to see what it was,but found nothing so they continued.

     Later,the robonoid stopped for no reason and behind them they heard something running towards them. Steven put up his s shield but it was just Lion. Suddenly the robonoid sped off. Steven got on Lion and chased it. Behind him the gems were yelling things like "Steven slow down!" and "Stop Steven!" He looked back and yelled "Sorry Lion won't slow down!" But then Lion stopped,the robonoid had done the same.
     There was a man standing in front of Steven. He had long,black hair that went down to his neck and a black gem in his chest. He started straight at Steven. Steven started  to yell for the gems but the gem said "Please don't do that." Then Steven asked "Whats your name?" "Onyx." He replied very quickly. Then he pulled out a battle axe out of his gem and yelled "COME OUT FUSION AND SERVANT PEARL!"
     Then Garnet and Pearl came out of a couple of gem holes. "This gem needs to come to the temple NOW!" Garnet said. Then Onyx started to act scared and said "NO. Please dont shatter me." Steven was confused and said "We just want to tal-." He was interupted by a red pearl who said to Onyx "If you fuse with me they can't hurt you." So after a brown flash,there standing in front of them was a huge,monsterous fusion there who could destroy them right then and there but instead they ran away. Steven threw his shield at them. It stopped and screeched. They ran at them but stopped and the gems heard Onyx say "I DONT WANT TO BE BROWN QUARTZ!" And they started to unfuse. When they were unfused the pearl was in its gem form.
     Soon everyone was safe in the temple. Onyx told them about how he was from a colony on a huge spaceship called in The Sword. There Red Diamond trained gems to be weapons to destroy rebels but he never liked it. A week ago he left and the nearest planet was Earth so he came here and Red Diamond sent a pearl to follow him.
     Onyx decided he would stay here until Red Diamond came after him and then he would have to leave Earth. Steven told him "Your always welcome as a crystal gem." Onyx didn't answer,he only smiled. The gems learned one thing from this encounter. They would have to prepare for a war against Red Diamond because it was coming and it was coming soon.

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